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18235 Hwy 16
Port Vincent, Louisiana 70726
Phone: (225) 698-9891
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There is a service fee for processing payment(s) online or over the phone. The total charge amount will be displayed prior to submitting the payment. To make a payment by phone, please call (855) 796-5767 Mon-Fri 7am-9pm and Sat-Sun 9am-6pm.

What do I need to know prior to making my payment?
If you do not pay your citation(s) in full, your obligation to the court will not be fulfilled.
Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive an email letting you know if the court has accepted or rejected your payment.

In order to process your payment, you need to have your citation number, fine amount and court date. If you do not have these, please call 225-698-9891.


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