Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriffs Office
P.O. Box 248, New Roads, Louisiana 70760
Phone: 225-638-5400
Fax: 1-800-256-1235
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All unpaid taxes now have a 2% interest charge plus a $15 charge for certified notice mailed.
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There is a non-refundable service fee for processing payment(s) online or over the phone. The total charge amount will be displayed prior to submitting the payment. To make a payment by phone, please call (877) 793-7141 Mon-Fri 7am-9pm and Sat-Sun 9am-6pm EST.
Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive an email letting you know if the court has accepted or rejected your payment.

**Call the Tax division at (225)-638-5433 for assistance if needed**

Your property taxes are delinquent and additional charges have been applied to the original amount due. We must receive your payment on or before JANUARY 29TH to avoid even more cost being added to your original tax bill. Call (225) 638-5433 to get your new balance.

All assessments must be paid in full; partial payments will not be accepted. Please forward your tax notice to your mortgage company if your taxes are escrowed. If you have sold the property, please forward your tax bill to the new owner or notify the Pointe Coupee Tax Collector’s office immediately.