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  • Traffic Tickets
If you have received a ticket there are some important facts that you need to know. First, a ticket is a legal document specifying your alleged violation of the law; the date, time and place of your scheduled court appearance, as well as the amount of your bond (the amount of money you are to pay the court).

  • Speeding Violations
If you are charged with a speeding violation and have not had a “moving” violation in the City of Aiken during the past three years, you may qualify for:
  1. A reduction of the bond amount, and/or
  2. A reduction of the points associated with the speeding violation if you pay the bond amount before your schedule court appearance.
Call the Records Bureau at 803-642-7695 or 803-642-7677 to determine if you qualify.

  • Trials in your Absence
If you failed to appear in court, have not paid your bond, or failed to make other arrangements for the charges against you, the court will conduct a trial in your absence. If you fail to satisfy this bond within fifteen (15) days of judgment, the disposed ticket will be forwarded to the SC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and your driver’s license will be suspended. A bench warrant for your arrest as well as a warrant for “Failure to Appear” can also be drawn up and served to you.

  • Suspended License
If the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) suspends your driver’s license, it will not be reinstated until you:
  1. Satisfy the disposed ticket’s bond amount as set by the judge and
  2. Pay the DMV reinstatement fee.
These Traffic Citations aren't payable online, only in person at the Court. You will need to request a Release Form for the Highway Dept.

  • No Partial Payments are Accepted
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