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By paying via this online system you understand and agree to the following:

The defendant is required to:
  1. Attend all court hearings as set by this court or any court to which this case is transferred or appealed
  2. Submit to any orders, judgments and sentence of this court or any court hearing this case
  3. Inform the court of any change of address
If the defendant follows the above condition, he will be released from this bond and any cash securities deposited will be returned to the defendant or his assignee after the original receipt is present to the clerk.

The defendant and other person(s) who post bond understand the consequences if the defendant fails to follow the above conditions are:
  1. Forfeit any cash or securities deposited with the court
  2. The court has the authority to sell the defendants property to collect the full amount on the bond
  3. If the defendant fails to abide by condition 1, a warrant will be issued for his arrest and in addition to the above charges, a charge of failure to appear may be filed.
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