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Glynn County Probate Court
701 G Street
Brunswick, Georgia 31520
Debra G. Howes, Judge
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  Glynn County Probate Court
Select A Form - Please select a form from the list below.
Form NameCourt Cost
Adult Marriage License$76.00
Adult Marriage License with Premarital Education Program – Georgia Residents only.$36.00
Background Checks$15.00
Background Checks for Adoptions - Glynn County Only$36.75
Certified Copy of Documents – Cost per copy$10.00
Firework Displays - Glynn County Only$30.00
Minor Marriage License$78.00
Minor Marriage License with Premarital Education Program - Georgia Residents Only$38.00
Petition for Appointment of a Guardian and/or Conservator for a proposed ward$388.50
Petition for Discharge of Representative of Estate$75.50
Petition for Letters of Administration$180.50
Petition for Temporary Letters of Guardianship of Minor$177.50
Petition for Year's Support - Does not include postage$140.50
Petition of Conservator for Final Settlement of Accounts and Discharge from Office and Liability$100.50
Petition to Probate Will in Solemn Form$177.50
Court Cost does NOT include the Online Processing Fee
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