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Who is nCourt?

nCourt is a government services technology company that through arrangements with county and municipal governments and courts allows people to pay traffic citations, file small claims, and pay utility bills online. We have been in operation since 2002, serve over 2000 jurisdictions, and have safely processed hundreds of millions of dollars in government payments.

Why is nCourt’s service necessary?

Many government agencies do not have the financial or people resources to build, host, and maintain e-commerce websites. nCourt, as a private entity, is able to provide services for the government that allows them to bridge the technology gap that exists and offer citizens the convenience of online payments.

Why should a county or municipal government or court partner with nCourt?

By offering 24-hour online payment and a toll-free number staffed by bilingual live service professionals nCourt reduces the workload on the court through fewer phone calls and reduced foot traffic– and increases the funds collected by the government as people who were previously unable to pay on time are able to take advantage of the convenience of online payments.

What is the cost to the government of the nCourt service?

nCourt’s service is provided at no cost to the government agency. The cost of the online and telephone-based payment process is borne solely by those citizens that choose to use the service through a small convenience fee.

Are payments made to nCourt secure?

nCourt is a Comodo site and takes information and payment security extremely seriously. Your information is protected using Secure Socket Layer(SSL).


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