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      nCourt, a private company, was created in 2002 to address the needs of citizens who must interact directly with the judicial system. This primarily occurs in instances where small claims or landlord/tenant cases are filed with the court or when it becomes necessary to pay a traffic citation...

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      nCourt is a full-service e-commerce partner for courts and other government agencies. Our services increase the satisfaction of those interacting with your agency by allowing them to satisfy their obligations over the internet or over the phone. In addition, our FREE services will increase your collections... read more >>

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      1/22/2014ADAA (Alabama District Attorneys Association) Birmingham, AL
      2/4/2014LMA (Louisiana Municipal Association Mid-Winter) Baton Rouge, LA
      2/9/2014NACM (National Association for Court Management Midyear) Savannah, GA
      2/9/2014WVACo (West Virginia Association of Counties) Charleston, WV
      2/10/2014GACP (Georgia Association Chiefs of Police_Winter) Atlanta, GA
      2/16/20142014 Training School & Annual Meeting_Association of Town of the States of New York New York, NY
      3/6/2014LMCA (Louisiana Municipal Association_Spring) Monroe, LA
      3/12/2014LACP (Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police- Midyearl) Marksville, LA
      3/13/2014LCAC (Louisiana Court Administrators Conference) Many, LA
      3/19/2014LAMSA (Louisiana Association of Municipal Secretariesand Assistants) Kenner, LA
      4/2/2014MJCJ (Mississippi Justice Court Judges) Choctaw, MS
      4/8/2014LCMCCA/NCMA (National Constables & Marshals Association/Louisiana Marshals & Constables Association) Baton Rouge, LA
      4/12/2014ACCG (Association County Commissioners of Georgia) Savannah, GA
      4/15/2014LCC (Louisiana Clerks of Court) Lake Charles, LA
      4/23/2014MCA (Mississippi Court Administrators) Bay St. Louis, MS
      4/27/2014GSCCCA (Georgia Superior Court Clerks Association_Spring Conference) Savannah, GA
      4/27/2014NYSTCA (New York State Clerks Association) Saratoga Springs, NY
      5/7/2014MJCC (MS Justice Court Clerk) Tunica, MS
      5/12/2014GCAT (Governmental Collectors Association of Texas_Annual) Montgomery, TX
      5/14/2014TCC (TN Court Clerk) Franklin, TN
      5/15/2014OJC/OACA/OCCA Columbus, OH
      5/18/2014DMCMA (Washington State District and Municipal Court Management Association_Spring Conference) Vancouver, WA
      5/18/2014IIMC (International Institute of Municipal Clerks) Milwaukee, WI
      5/19/2014OMCCA (Oklahoma Municipal Court Clerk Association 2014 Conference) Stillwater, OK
      5/21/2014MACA (Missouri Association for Court Administration) Lake of Ozarks, MO
      5/21/2014OAMCCC (Ohio Association of Municipal/County Court Clerks) Dublin, OH
      5/22/2014WSACC (Washington State Association of County Clerks_Annual Conference) Davis Lake, WA
      6/8/2014FACC (Florida Association of City Clerks_SummerConference) St. Augustine, FL
      6/9/2014FCCC (FL Court Clerks & Comptrollers) Palm Beach Gardens, FL
      6/10/2014CACTTC (California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors) Indian Wells, CA
      6/11/2014MMCJ (Mississippi Municipal Court Judges Conference) Biloxi, MS
      6/11/2014TCC (TN Court Clerk) Pigeon Forge, TN
      6/21/2014GMA (Georgia Municipal Association - Annual) Savannah, GA
      7/9/2014LACP (Lousiana Association of Chiefs of Pollice_Annual) Baton Rouge, LA
      7/16/2014NACM (National Association for Court Management Annual) Scottsdale, AZ
      7/27/2014LSA (Louisiana Sheriffs Association) Destin, FL
      9/9/2014MCC (Ms Municipal Court Clerk) Jackson, MS
      9/9/2014TCC (Tennessee Court Clerk) Dickson, TN
      9/15/2014IACC (Illinois Association of Circuit Court Clerks Fall Conference) Decatur, IL
      10/6/2014OACA (Oregon Association Court Administrator Conference) Glenden Beach, OR
      12/7/2014e-Courts Las Vegas, NV
  • Testimonials
    • Testimonials


      What Our Partners Are Saying...

      NCourt has done an amazing job for us and I have been and will continue to be an advocate for you guys. You have exceeded most expectations and we are pleased to partner with you... read more >>


      What Users Are Saying...

      Just wanted to say thanks again for your help this morning. You were very polite and helpful and went out of your way to make things smooth for me. You made paying my husbands ticket in another state very easy... read more >>

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What Our Users Are Saying About Us

I received a phone call from Ms. Naloza, who was very impressed on how helpful nCourt Customer Service Rep Jamie was in helping her make her payment. Jamie patiently took her time while she walked Ms. Naloza through the payment process. Ms. Naloza expressed her sincere appreciation of all the help Jamie provided for her!

MS. Naloza

A citation holder named Ms. Randall called this morning and spoke with nCourt Customer Service Representative Natoyia. At first Ms. Randall was giving Natoyia a hard time on the phone; however after the transaction was completed, Ms. Randall stated that nCourt's customer service was superb. She commented that she wished other company's customer service representatives had Natoyia's supportive attitude.

Ms. Randall

We received a call from a VERY happy Dekalb Co. citation holder, who wanted to share with the world how happy she was with Sonia, nCourt customer service representative. The citation holder stated that Sonia was kind, patient, and exceeded her expectations while helping her process her payment. GREAT JOB SONIA!!

A fine holder named Ms. Roberts called to make a payment for a Court in Georgia. Once the payment was processed, she commented on what a wonderful job Latoya (nCourt Customer Service Rep) did to assist her with the payment process. Ms. Roberts appreciated all of Latoya’s help to resolve her situation.

Ms. Roberts

"It was a pleasure talking with Craig, one of your Customer Service Representatives. I felt like he had become a close friend by the time we hung up. I thought it would be a real "pain" but he made me feel at ease. You guys are really a “one of a kind business” and I really appreciate your kindness, patience, understanding and professionalism. There should be more companies like you that deal with people going through unfortunate circumstances.” Thank you,

J. Howley

nCourt Service Representative Ms. Greta spoke with a caller who contacted nCourt because she was unsuccessful locating information regarding her son’s traffic citation. Following her conversation with Ms. Greta, the caller wanted nCourt management to know how patient, sincere, professional, and understanding Ms. Greta was in assisting her efforts. This demonstrates the qualities of a remarkable Service Representative. Ms. Greta, the entire nCourt team appreciates your OUTSTANDING service!

nCourt Service Representative Sharon Thompson received a phone call from a fine holder named Ms. Hobbs. After Sharon processed the payment, Ms. Hobbs expressed what a wonderful job Sharon did. Ms. Hobbs appreciated Sharon’s assistance and said Sharon performed an amazing job.

Ms. Hobbs

This afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking with Christen, one of your Call Support Representatives. Christen was by far the most professional service person I have spoken with in quite some time. Because I had not written down the fine amount, Christen called the court to verify the amount. She then came back on the line and gave me a full breakdown of the fine. She also explained the additional service fee to me and to be honest I didn't mind paying it because you don't find many people in her line of work that are truly happy dealing with upset people all day.

Big kudos to Christen and I hope you know how valuable an employee she is!

Mike A.

A citation holder was so impressed with the superb customer service he received from Craig Willes that he wanted to get a message to management. The citation holder stated that when he called, initially he was upset about his ticket not being in our system, and the inability to reach the court. While speaking with Craig, he was able to calm the citation holder down, and continued to follow up with the court throughout the day until he was able to reach a court clerk, who gave him the information needed for a manual payment. Craig kept his word to the citation holder, and followed up with him to process his payment. The citation holder stated he was “shockingly happy to give his money to Craig”. Congratulations Craig!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

Citation Holder


I'm writing to let you know Emina Dedic has provided excellent and outstanding service to me with great customer care. She has helped me with a very complex and intricate situation that has now been resolved. Please see to it that she gets special recognition for her tireless work and effort. Thank you

Nicholas C.

"This morning a citation holder named Fred called to inform us that nCourt representative Nikki Ross was very professional and very helpful. Fred had several questions and Nikki answered them all very professionally. Fred works in customer service at his company and wanted us to know that we have a great employee and an excellent team."


"I called back to tell your company about the great service I received from Georgia who works on your Customer Service team. I was having difficulties finding my information online and Georgia went above and beyond to help me with the payment process."

Kim L.

"This morning a person named Ms. Barner called to inform us that nCourt Service Rep Julian Mora did an outstanding job answering her questions and walking her through the process. Ms. Barner said it was a pleasure to speak with someone so professional. "

Ms. Barner

"I contacted nCourt to pay a citation for a member of my family and spoke with both Jocelyn and Georgia. They were both very professional and speaking with Jocelyn put me in a great mood due to her positive attitude and willingness to help in whatever way possible."

Jim B.

"A person named Mr. Raul called today to compliment nCourt representative Ramsey. Ramsey has been attempting to walk Mr. Raul through some issues with Dekalb, GA and eventually identified a solution. Mr. Raul stated that Ramsey "took the bull by the horns" and that he and his family very much appreciated Ramsey's help."

Mr. Raul

"I received a message from someone named Ms. Sherody about the great customer service she received from Lakeita Clark. Ms. Sherody's son recently received two citations and Lakeita went above and beyond to help her locate each citation and then direct her through the payment process. Ms. Sherody said "thank you for having such wonderful people like Lakeita available at nCourt.""

Ms. Sherody

"Ms. Carson called today to tell us about the kind assistance that our service representative Georgia Mazeika provided. Georgia helped Ms. Carson research her daughter’s ticket and then guided her through the process. Ms. Carson said that Georgia was wonderful, amassing and very efficient."


"Please let your company know that a Customer Service person named Shirley was extremely kind, helpful and is a fine employee. My license was recently suspended and I was very thankful that nCourt still had my payment record. Your company offers a fine service and I appreciate all of Shirley's assistance. "

John C.

"After calling your payment number I realized I did not have all the information necessary to pay my citation. Your customer service agent Sharron told me not to worry and then placed me on hold while she called the Court to gather my information. Please thank Sharron for taking time to patiently guide me through the payment process."

Mary M.

nCourt: "I had our IT Department adjust their calendar back to 1985 so your citation is now ready to be paid. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time."

R. Flores: "My Family and I thank you. You are the best, thank you again."

R. Flores
Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to let you know that Emina Dedic processed a payment for me the other day. I was so impressed with her customer service skills, and her genuine interest in the client (me) she was working with. I am in customer service with [My Company] and I only wish that we had people like Emina working for us!"

I called your office in tears. Julie calmed me down, assured me that she would be able to help me, and that is exactly what she did. Julie was able to help me get my driving record. I cannot thank her enough for her help. I really do appreciate her work. Thanks for being there, Julie!

Sue Brushaver

“Roy, I just want to thank you for being so very polite and professional when taking the payment for a fine my husband had. I am really impressed how you were so kind and understanding... It’s not exciting to pay a fine, but you made it pleasant. :)“

Connie and Mary Turner
Cypress, TX

Just wanted to say thanks again for your help this morning. You were very polite and helpful and went out of your way to make things smooth for me. You made paying my husbands ticket in another state very easy. (and kept him out of jail).

Carla McCray

I just wanted to send my sincere appreciation for the patience and professionalism of Christine and supervisor D. Morris. On what was to be their busiest day of the year, I was treated with empathy and courtesy. I will continue to use nCourt to pay my fines because they make an unpleasant experience much more pleasant :-)

Wendell G. Evans

I am a frequent user of your system for Bibb County and I simply love it! Your site is priceless, it saves so much time!

MEG Real Estate Investments, LLC


You took care of my concerns quickly and make me feel happy to do business with your company. As an attorney myself [and a Landlord] I am sometimes forced to use the small claims process and your system of online filing greatly reduces the time spent hopping from court to court.

I will definitely recommend your company and will use your services again and again. This is a compliment to you as a representative of the company as well as to the company itself for hiring you.


Balwan Robert Singh

Thanks for the convenience of paying my ticket online. I have been driving for 52 years and this was my first speeding ticket. I say you can teach an old dog new tricks. ha Again, thanks and i will watch more carefully.


P. Richardson

I live in Atlanta, GA and have a pretty hectic schedule which limits my capability to travel during the week. With nCourt I was able to pay my fine without having to deal with the Postal Service or having to inconveniently drive to the City of Byron [around 3 hours south of Atlanta]. However, I have learned my lesson: speeding is for the birds!

Thanks for the nCourt service!

The Coca-Cola Company

Dear nCourt,

Thank you for helping with my disposessory [Landlord-tenant] claim. I appreciate the service that you provided to me. I know that we're the ones in Iraq protecting our nation, but you guys are our backbone. You guys protect our families, property, and much more, and for us that matters. Your online service allowed me to file my claim from Iraq against someone not paying the rent and being able to do this while away is a huge relief. Once again, thank you very much for your help and dedication to duty. It means the world to us.

God Bless,

US Army


•   What Our Partners Are Saying
•   What Our Users Are Saying

  • nCourt has done an amazing job for us and I have been and will continue to be an advocate for you guys. You have exceeded most expectations and we are pleased to partner with you.

    Chad Castleberry
    Chief of Police, Adel, GA
  • Just wanted to say thanks again for your help this morning. You were very polite and helpful and went out of your way to make things smooth for me. You made paying my husbands ticket in another state very easy. (and kept him out of jail).

    Carla McCray
    Ticket Holder
  • On behalf of Opelousas City Court, I would like to thank you for the great services that you have provided for us from nCourt. Since we started in July 2009, receiving online payment has been very beneficial and easy. nCourt's reports are accurate and reflect our court's oline receipts. We could not ask for better service.

    City of Opelousas
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